Sushila Sahay at Reactive Summit: “My goal is to amplify the voices of the underrepresented groups.”

A Vice President, Customer Operations & HR at Lightbend, Sushila Sahay is a Peruvian born Canadian of Indian heritage with a passion for business, technology, and human connection. Striving to have a positive impact on everyone with whom she interacts, she has spent over 25 years with tech companies and forged a successful career leading global teams and initiatives for Silicon Valley startups. Currently she leads all Customer and Employee Success teams globally, as VP, Customer Operations and HR at Lightbend, Inc. A classically trained singer, she holds an MBA with Honors in Strategic Management from the University of Alberta.

At Reactive Summit in Montreal, Sushila is hosting a panel discussion “Diversity and Inclusion: Bring the Thunder” with Naomi Davidson (CEO at Trybe), Mona Eldam (Managing Director/Global Head of Transactional Data team at Morgan Stanley), Tara Hernandez (Senior Engineering Manager at Google), and Hywel Evans (Senior Director, Global Solutions Architect at Lightbend) sharing personal stories along with research knowledge to provide insight into how to create an inclusive environment in day to day work.

In advance of this highly anticipated panel discussion, we spoke to Sushila about what diversity and inclusion mean to her personally, how Lightbend makes Reactive Summit an inclusive space and what companies can do to propel their diversity and inclusion effort.