Lilit Yenokyan at Reactive Summit: “Scaling is the biggest challenge”

Director of Engineering at Pivotus Ventures, Lilit Yenokyan leads teams responsible for software delivery pipeline, testing and infrastructure, with the focus on testing Reactive microservices performance. And that’s exactly what Lilit will be talking about at Reactive Summit in Montreal.

In advance of her talk “Reactive Performance Testing”, we spoke to Lilit about her Reactive journey, the biggest challenges companies deploying Reactive face and the solution to the challenge.

Sushila Sahay at Reactive Summit: “My goal is to amplify the voices of the underrepresented groups.”

A Vice President, Customer Operations & HR at Lightbend, Sushila Sahay is a Peruvian born Canadian of Indian heritage with a passion for business, technology, and human connection. Striving to have a positive impact on everyone with whom she interacts, she has spent over 25 years with tech companies and forged a successful career leading global teams and initiatives for Silicon Valley startups. Currently she leads all Customer and Employee Success teams globally, as VP, Customer Operations and HR at Lightbend, Inc. A classically trained singer, she holds an MBA with Honors in Strategic Management from the University of Alberta.

At Reactive Summit in Montreal, Sushila is hosting a panel discussion “Diversity and Inclusion: Bring the Thunder” with Naomi Davidson (CEO at Trybe), Mona Eldam (Managing Director/Global Head of Transactional Data team at Morgan Stanley), Tara Hernandez (Senior Engineering Manager at Google), and Hywel Evans (Senior Director, Global Solutions Architect at Lightbend) sharing personal stories along with research knowledge to provide insight into how to create an inclusive environment in day to day work.

In advance of this highly anticipated panel discussion, we spoke to Sushila about what diversity and inclusion mean to her personally, how Lightbend makes Reactive Summit an inclusive space and what companies can do to propel their diversity and inclusion effort.

MavenCode at Reactive Summit: Reactive is no longer a buzzword – we are living in the future already!

MavenCode’s Product Manager and Data Pipeline Architect, Timo Mechler, and Data Engineer, Charles Adetiloye, are not new to the space (both worked in the industry for more than a decade) but their backgrounds could not be any more different. Timo worked in the energy commodity markets with particular focus on building out scalable research platforms for energy commodities trading (including data collection, data analysis, data modeling), and Charles consulted and implemented large-scale data processing, AI/ML software platforms across different industry verticals and previously worked with Lightbend, Twitter, Starbucks, and a few other startups and Fortune 500 companies.

At Reactive Summit in Montreal on October 23, 2018, they are combining years of their expertise in one talk “Lessons Learned: Building Scalable & Elastic Akka Clusters on Google Managed Kubernetes”. Meet Timo and Charles and learn why you should join them at Reactive Summit.

Ana Medina at Reactive Summit: “Resiliency is extremely hard, especially when running anything at scale.”

“In all chaos, there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”
Carl Jung

A Chaos Engineer at Gremlin, Ana helps companies avoid outages by running proactive chaos engineering experiments. At Reactive Summit in Montreal this October, Ana offers a deep-dive into the world of chaos engineering with her talk “The practice of Chaos Engineering”.

In anticipation of Ana’s talk at Reactive Summit, we spoke to Ana about her developer journey, the importance of reliability and how breaking things on purpose can help organizations build more reliable systems.

Anson Kokkat at Reactive Summit: “Real software delivers tangible benefits that help real people.”

A Senior Product Manager in the Enterprise Database Market at IBM, Anson Kokkat is joining Reactive Summit with a talk “Successfully Design, Build and Run Fast Data Applications”. He will demonstrate how one can act on the massive data from IoT and online apps with data science, machine learning and open source tools in an integrated platform using IBM Db2 Event Store.

In advance of his talk, we spoke to Anson about real-time analytics, fast data, the main challenges companies face when deploying Reactive and best ways to address these challenges.

Sergey Bykov at Reactive Summit: “Some people will be shocked to hear me talking about distributed transactions in 2018.”

A Principal Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft, Sergey Bykov is one of the founders of the Orleans project at Microsoft Research which development he continues to lead, among his other projects. Before joining Microsoft Research, Sergey had worked in several Microsoft product groups, from BizTalk and Host Integration Server to embedded operating systems for Point of Sale terminals to Bing.

At Reactive Summit in Montreal, Sergey is doing a talk “Distributed Transactions are dead, long live distributed transactions!” covering Orleans and how it pioneered the Virtual Actor Model that offered a compelling alternative, especially for building scalable distributed applications.

In advance of his talk, we spoke to Sergey about his passion for the open source community, the challenges companies deploying Reactive face and his biggest professional dream.

Clement Escoffier at Reactive Summit: “ I don’t believe in a 100% Reactive world.”

A principal software engineer at Red Hat, Clement Escoffier, in his own words, “had several professional lives, from academic positions to management” and is now working as a Vert.x core developer. He’s an active contributor to many open source projects such as Apache Felix, iPOJO, Wisdom Framework, and naturally, Eclipse Vert.x.

At Reactive Summit in Montreal this October, he’s bringing Reactive to enterprise Java developers. In advance of his talk,  we spoke to Clement about the complexity of distributed systems, the challenge of the fear of change, and why he doesn’t believe in 100% Reactive world.

Michael Zeltser at Reactive Summit: “Reactive is going to be built-in to everything”


Did you know that PayPal’s product performance tracking platform processes over 10 billion messages per day making it one of the busiest systems in PayPal? Its end-to-end Reactive data processing pipeline consists of Akka Streams, Kafka, Spark and Druid, which posed a number of technical and the organizational challenges, including converting this well-established team into a Reactive mindset.

In his talk, Turning PayPal’s Product Performance Tracking platform Reactive, End-to-End,  at Reactive Summit in Montreal on October 23, Michael Zeltser, senior member of technical staff and architect at PayPal, will share a narrative useful for both beginner and intermediate audiences, builders and managers alike, that will help contextualize conceptual and practical aspects of switching to reactive systems.

In advance of his talk, we spoke to Michael about his path to Reactive systems, the future of Reactive, and why his job is never boring.  

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