Paweł Mikler at Reactive Summit: “Functional programming will be leading the new era of enterprise software”

Software Engineer, turned Entrepreneur & Principal Business Consultant who has worked in the space of IT, technology partnerships development, international sales and software consultancy for more than 10 years, Paweł Mikler has recently found his home at Scalac where he develops global partnerships and expands the reach Scalac’s portfolio of strategic clients.

Scalac is a proud supporter and a Silver Sponsor at Reactive Summit, and Paweł Mikler and Łukasz Kuczera from Scalac can be found in the expo space during the conference. We spoke to Paweł in advance of his trip to Montreal to learn more about the company and how it can help Reactive Summit attendees.  

Ryland Degnan at Reactive Summit: “We’re due to reach a point in the near future where thinking reactively becomes just as natural as thinking imperatively.”

A co-founder and CTO of Netifi, where he is working to lay the groundwork for the next generation of cloud-native applications, Ryland Degnan was a member of the Netflix Edge Platform team that created RSocket, Hystrix and RxJava.

With more than 12 years of building scalable distributed systems at organizations like Netflix, Skydeck, and Cisco under his belt, Ryland is speaking at Reactive Summit in Montreal about Reactive Microservices using RSocket – an open-source network protocol developed in collaboration with Netflix, Facebook, and Pivotal that was designed to handle complex networks of microservices.

Colin Breck at Reactive Summit: “I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.”

Colin Breck does not need much introduction. With two decades of experience in developing fast-data infrastructures for the monitoring and control of industrial applications, Colin is currently with Tesla working on distributed systems for the monitoring, aggregation, and control of distributed, renewable-energy assets.

At Reactive Summit in Montreal, Colin is doing a talk “From Fast-Data to a Key Operational Technology for the Enterprise” on October 24th. We’re barely containing our excitement for Colin’s talk, so we asked him a few questions about his professional journey, the challenges companies deploying Reactive face and the solution to these challenges.


Patrick Altaie at Reactive Summit: “Reactive has good development practices that we should all embrace”

Senior Consultant at Icon Solutions, Patrick Altaie is working on IPF – Icon Solutions’ flagship real-time payments processing platform that is built using Reactive concepts and leading open-source frameworks, including Akka.

In advance of Patrick’s talk “Clustering and Distributed Data: The Winning Combination?” at Reactive Summit in Montreal, we asked him about his Reactive journey, why legacy-heavy companies are struggling to adopt Reactive and what one can learn from his talk.

Lilit Yenokyan at Reactive Summit: “Scaling is the biggest challenge”

Director of Engineering at Pivotus Ventures, Lilit Yenokyan leads teams responsible for software delivery pipeline, testing and infrastructure, with the focus on testing Reactive microservices performance. And that’s exactly what Lilit will be talking about at Reactive Summit in Montreal.

In advance of her talk “Reactive Performance Testing”, we spoke to Lilit about her Reactive journey, the biggest challenges companies deploying Reactive face and the solution to the challenge.

MavenCode at Reactive Summit: Reactive is no longer a buzzword – we are living in the future already!

MavenCode’s Product Manager and Data Pipeline Architect, Timo Mechler, and Data Engineer, Charles Adetiloye, are not new to the space (both worked in the industry for more than a decade) but their backgrounds could not be any more different. Timo worked in the energy commodity markets with particular focus on building out scalable research platforms for energy commodities trading (including data collection, data analysis, data modeling), and Charles consulted and implemented large-scale data processing, AI/ML software platforms across different industry verticals and previously worked with Lightbend, Twitter, Starbucks, and a few other startups and Fortune 500 companies.

At Reactive Summit in Montreal on October 23, 2018, they are combining years of their expertise in one talk “Lessons Learned: Building Scalable & Elastic Akka Clusters on Google Managed Kubernetes”. Meet Timo and Charles and learn why you should join them at Reactive Summit.

Helena Edelson about massive scale distributed systems and massively big data

Helena (@helenaedelson) has been a Software Engineer for over 15 years. After a decade in distributed messaging she moved exclusively to working with Scala, first for cloud infrastructure automation, then big data, all for large scale distributed systems. As a Senior Cloud Engineer she was on the first Scala team at VMware building multi-tenant cloud automation systems, then in big data architecting, building and deploying streaming and batch analytics pipelines for Cyber Security for real time threat analysis.