Clement Escoffier at Reactive Summit: “ I don’t believe in a 100% Reactive world.”

A principal software engineer at Red Hat, Clement Escoffier, in his own words, “had several professional lives, from academic positions to management” and is now working as a Vert.x core developer. He’s an active contributor to many open source projects such as Apache Felix, iPOJO, Wisdom Framework, and naturally, Eclipse Vert.x.

At Reactive Summit in Montreal this October, he’s bringing Reactive to enterprise Java developers. In advance of his talk,  we spoke to Clement about the complexity of distributed systems, the challenge of the fear of change, and why he doesn’t believe in 100% Reactive world.

Michael Zeltser at Reactive Summit: “Reactive is going to be built-in to everything”


Did you know that PayPal’s product performance tracking platform processes over 10 billion messages per day making it one of the busiest systems in PayPal? Its end-to-end Reactive data processing pipeline consists of Akka Streams, Kafka, Spark and Druid, which posed a number of technical and the organizational challenges, including converting this well-established team into a Reactive mindset.

In his talk, Turning PayPal’s Product Performance Tracking platform Reactive, End-to-End,  at Reactive Summit in Montreal on October 23, Michael Zeltser, senior member of technical staff and architect at PayPal, will share a narrative useful for both beginner and intermediate audiences, builders and managers alike, that will help contextualize conceptual and practical aspects of switching to reactive systems.

In advance of his talk, we spoke to Michael about his path to Reactive systems, the future of Reactive, and why his job is never boring.