Building Mission-Critical Services in the Cloud

What is your background and what sparked your interest in distributed systems?

Building applications on highly available hardware achieve mission-critical systems. We wanted to enable mission-critical systems in the cloud without this kind of special hardware. To achieve these same levels of availability and throughput in the cloud, we are facing distributed systems.

Reactive is a new buzzword for many traditional developers. What is your prediction for its importance in application development over the next couple of years?

As application development technologies evolve and diversify,  requirements from application users will increase. Therefore, I think it will be an essential option as a technology to accomplish such needs. In addition, it will become indispensable as a technology for building mission-critical services.

What is the biggest challenge companies deploying Reactive systems are facing?

Many companies face big hurdles when trying to deploy Reactive systems. Building reactive systems is complex and time-consuming. In particular, in mission-critical systems, we need to understand technology, implement, evaluate, validate, and accumulate experience to deploy it.

What is the best solution to this challenge?

We need toolkits and templates for building environments quickly, valuable libraries, implementation guides, reference code for accelerating implementation, and a learning kit for developers. We call them Lerna and publish them as OSS. We hope that Lerna will help you implement Reactive Systems.

What is your most ambitious professional dream that you hope to achieve one day?

With Lerna, we’re creating a world where you can build mission-critical services in the cloud that require the highest levels of availability. It’s Reactive Systems that auto-heals and engineers aren’t called in at night even if it fails. The user may not even notice the disability.

Who should attend your talk at Reactive Summit and what will they learn?

  • If you want to try reactive systems but don’t have much time
  • You tried reactive systems, but you gave up.
  • If you want to build mission-critical services

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