Paweł Mikler at Reactive Summit: “Functional programming will be leading the new era of enterprise software”

Software Engineer, turned Entrepreneur & Principal Business Consultant who has worked in the space of IT, technology partnerships development, international sales and software consultancy for more than 10 years, Paweł Mikler has recently found his home at Scalac where he develops global partnerships and expands the reach Scalac’s portfolio of strategic clients.

Scalac is a proud supporter and a Silver Sponsor at Reactive Summit, and Paweł Mikler and Łukasz Kuczera from Scalac can be found in the expo space during the conference. We spoke to Paweł in advance of his trip to Montreal to learn more about the company and how it can help Reactive Summit attendees.  

What’s your background and what’s the story behind how did you decide to help companies design highly scalable, secure and efficient next-generation systems?

My background is strongly rooted in software engineering. During my professional career, I had a chance to work with various companies in terms of their size, domain and market impact. Soon I realized that the biggest challenge for them was to use their development process and technology to scale the organization fast enough. I joined Scalac team 2 years ago, and we share a common belief that functional programming will be leading the new era of enterprise software and help clients become faster, more competitive and flexible.

Why did you choose Scala and Akka for your work?

It has all begun with a passion for functional programming. We use Scala/Akka on a daily basis as we work with very demanding clients’ systems and projects that involve high throughput (thousands of messages per second) and low latency, processing events in real-time. It has never been easier to escalate business processes, define phases and build Reactive systems sensitive to fast-changing business requirements and environments.  

What project that you delivered at Scalac are you most proud of and why?

Last week we saw our client (next-generation platform revolutionizing how merchants go global) ranked in the CNBC list UPSTART100 featuring 100 promising companies to watch in 2018! At Scalac, we design and deliver products that matter, simplify the lives of millions of people and are recognized globally. That’s motivating!


What are the biggest challenges you face when helping companies design and build their products?

Oftentimes I see a compromise in designing products architecture. I see lack of proper understanding of the Customer Experience vs. Technology. Surprisingly, plenty of companies are very optimistic in predicting business impact of their product(s) and are very careful in selecting the right technology, tools and processes that would help them scale fast enough to reach those goals. I also observe repeating issues with business continuity.

How will the industry develop in the next few years and what key trends are shaping its future?

Data is growing at a rapid pace. By 2020, new information generated per second per every human will reach an approximate amount of 1.7Mb. In that context, I see a growing potential in data personalization, automation, advanced analytics and security. The next information flood will either kill the organizations or give them another chance to catch the wave and enjoy the surfing.

Scalac is a proud sponsor of Reactive Summit. Whom would you like to meet at the event and who should come and talk to you at your booth?

We’re always happy to meet great individuals, curious about cutting-edge technologies and eager to learn more about what Scalac does. We’re especially excited to meet companies struggling with designing highly scalable systems. Thanks to our advanced expertise in Data Engineering, we not only deliver a complete end-to-end Scala-based solution but – what’s even more important – we provide insights & analytics accelerating contextual decision-making. Companies can indeed try and do it themselves but going TOGETHER with Scalac will take them further! Hope to see you at Reactive Summit in Montreal!


Do not miss Paweł Mikler and Scalac team at Reactive Summit in Montreal on October 22-24, 2018. Last few tickets are available so do not hesitate and book yours now.


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