Anson Kokkat at Reactive Summit: “Real software delivers tangible benefits that help real people.”

A Senior Product Manager in the Enterprise Database Market at IBM, Anson Kokkat is joining Reactive Summit with a talk “Successfully Design, Build and Run Fast Data Applications”. He will demonstrate how one can act on the massive data from IoT and online apps with data science, machine learning and open source tools in an integrated platform using IBM Db2 Event Store.

In advance of his talk, we spoke to Anson about real-time analytics, fast data, the main challenges companies face when deploying Reactive and best ways to address these challenges.


What is your background and what sparked your interest in fast data?

I see fast data as the next generation of technology in which industries must adapt in order to remain competitive in today’s world. Being able to react to fast data in real time makes sense since we are only generating data in real time. The benefits to business and the way we think are humongous.

What problems do you solve as a part of your job?

I am a Product Manager/ Offering Manager at IBM working on the Hybrid Data Management Portfolio. Everything I do is around data and making it simple and accessible to all. I focus on real-time databases and the introduction of a new database platform called Db2 Event Store focused on combining open source SPARK with IBM technology to create a new data platform related to fast data and real-time analytics.

Reactive is a new buzzword for many traditional developers. What is your prediction for its importance in application development over the next couple of years?

I think the business benefits that come with Reactive and fast data application development will make it an important part of every developer’s day-to-day work. Most developers will explore what is the best way they can maximize their efforts to get real-time applications out to the market in the quickest and most efficient manner and at the same time be able to handle production type workloads coded with fast data in mind.


What is the biggest challenge companies deploying distributed Reactive systems are facing?

Most companies don’t know where to start and what is going to be around in the future when it comes to deploying Reactive/ fast data applications. They would like to incorporate open source into this architecture but not sure where to get support when/if they decide to deploy in production. They are also looking for best practice and a proven leader who can help to deploy and support their efforts to deploy Reactive/fast data applications.

What is the most ambitious professional dream that you hope to achieve one day?

I love it when software delivers tangible results that people can see. IBM Call for Code is a very good example of people getting together and creating applications to help solve real-world natural disaster problems. Real software delivers tangible benefits that help real people. I would love to see more of this and help with these types of initiatives as much as possible.

Who should attend your talk and what will they learn?

If you are interested in real-time analytics and want to transform your existing applications into real-time thinking then come to this talk.

Whom would you like to connect with at the conference?

I would love to connect with Enterprise Architects and Software Developers who are interested in this type of real-time thinking. I would like to learn from them existing solutions they have in place and how they go about tackling this problem. I want to share best practices and show them how Lightbend and IBM can help.


Don’t miss Anson Kokkat and his talk “Successfully Design, Build and Run Fast Data Applications” at Reactive Summit, the leading conference for top microservices and fast data experts in the world, taking place in Montreal on October 22-24, 2018. Book your ticket now.


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