Kam Kasravi about Akka Streams and Apache Gearpump

Kam is a real time streaming architect developing analytic pipelines that integrate into Intel’s Trusted Analytics Platform. He is an avid fan of akka, scala and platforms based on these architectures with past roles within eBay, Paypal and Yahoo.

Markus E: “Thank you Kam for taking the time for the interview! Everybody is a first time speaker at this years Reactive Summit.
What are your personal expectations and what caught your interest to
speak at this event?”

Kam: “We’ve worked with the akka team to integrate gearpump as a materializer into akka-streams.
I thought this would be a great venue to report on this effort.”

ME: “You’re going to speak about Akka-Streams and it’s usage in Apache
Gearpump. What is Gearpump exactly and how much did Akka influence the
way it is designed?”

K: “Gearpump was developed independently of akka-streams however in integrating”

ME: “What is your background as programmer? What was the most difficult
thing to learn when starting to work with Akka.”

K: “Getting a master slave pattern working and other actor related patterns”

ME: “If you look at the Reactive Summit schedule, what is the one talk
you look forward to the most and why?””
K: “Either the ‘Staging reactive data pipelines using Kafka as the backbone’ or ‘Reactive Integrations with Akka Streams that Just Work!’.

I’m very interested in how akka-streams is being leverage now in and the future.”

Make sure to listen to Kam’s session Wednesday, October 5, 5:30pm “Implementing an akka-streams materializer for big data

If you have particular things you are interested in, please reach out to me on twitter or leave a comment. I am really looking forward to the reactive summit. If you haven’t already, there is still some time and we have some seats left! Register today!

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