Reactive Summit Insights for everybody

Welcome to the newly created Reactive Summit blog! With only 25 days left until the inaugural edition of the Reactive Summit it is about time to get the coverage up a little. With only 500 attendees this year we’re aware that not everybody will be able to attend in person. But we have so much information to share and get you excited about the Summit, that we really need a place to keep you updated.

First thing you should do when you land here is to follow our official Twitter handle @ReactiveSummit. You’ll get quick and early impressions and notifications throughout the two days. And as a lot of active Lightbend social media tweeps will be on site, you should also consider following @TheOTown, @myfear and the official @Lightbend handle. But we have even more than just teensy bits of information for you:

  • Sessions are going to be recorded and published on this blog
  • Speaker interviews
  • On-site and last minute information for attendees
  • Picture impressions and highlights from the conference days
  • And much more…

If you have particular things you are interested in, please reach out to me on twitter or leave a comment. I am really looking forward to the reactive summit. If you haven’t already, there is still some time and we have some seats left! Register today!

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